How do I call 8×8 support?

How do I call 8×8 support?

(888) 898-87338×8 / Customer service

What does 8×8 stand for?

(The “8×8” name refers to the number of video pixels, or dots of light, that are used as the basic building block in many image compression and video transformation functions.).

Does 8×8 work in Canada?

We at 8×8 are excited to announce that, as of today, 8×8 X Series and 8×8 Contact Center is now generally available in Canada through direct sales and channel partners.

What is 8×8 Connect?

8×8 Connect is an intuitive, all-in-one multi-channel communications management portal. It allows you to manage your SMS or voice messages campaigns across multiple channels, send millions of messages through a single platform, and get real-time reports for better analytics and optimization.

How do you make a support case 8×8?

You may be prompted to login to your 8×8 account. (8×8 X Series admins can also log into the 8×8 Application Panel at https://login.8× and click My 8×8.) Click Support. Click Create New Case.

What is 8×8 work app?

8×8 Work Mobile app is an all-in-one cloud-based collaboration tool that organizations around the world use to mobilize their workforce. Whether you work for a small business or a large corporation, 8×8 Work Mobile can be an indispensable part of your company’s remote workforce and work-from-home strategy.

What is 8×8 Virtual Office?

About 8×8 Work for Desktop. With 8×8 Work for Desktop (formerly known as the Virtual Office desktop app), stay connected with all your colleagues and business contacts, and collaborate more efficiently than ever.

Who is the owner of 8×8?

David Sipes (Dec 10, 2020–)8×8 / CEO

Are 8×8 calls free?

All 8×8 Work users benefit from free and unlimited calls to any standard-rate domestic landline or mobile numbers. Domestic call plans are available for UK, Ireland, US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Where are 8×8 data centers?

The three new data centers announced today – Singapore , Amsterdam and Rio de Janeiro (targeted availability fall 2016) – build on 8×8’s existing global reach in the US, UK , Hong Kong , Australia , and Canada .

How do I open an 8×8 file?

To grant yourself the quickest access to 8×8 Work for Desktop, Go to Settings and enable the option to Start Work on desktop login. With this setting enabled, 8×8 Work for Desktop launches automatically whenever you start your computer.

How do I contact 8×8/packet 8?

* 8×8/Packet 8 Residential Customers: Please contact 8×8 via the Otto Virtual Assistant. When your case is created, you will receive email notifications at the email address on file in your account. You may correspond on cases by replying to those emails. Ask Otto!

How do I get help with 8×8 product or service questions?

The fastest way to get help with any 8×8 product or service question is to ask Otto, our AI-powered Virtual Assistant. Otto is available in the bottom right-hand corner of this Knowledge Base site, as well as in the 8×8 Customer Portal (My 8×8) and the 8×8 Admin Console for X Series and Editions customers.

How do I connect to 8×8 chat support?

On any page in the Knowledge Base, click the 8×8 Virtual Assistant icon to see if our chatbot can help. If a satisfactory answer is not available, you’ll have the option to connect with 8×8 Chat Support.

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