How do I add storage to my bathroom sink?

How do I add storage to my bathroom sink?

Follow these seven ideas and you’ll have plenty of storage in your bathroom in no time:

  1. Hang a shelf (or a few!)
  2. Spice things up.
  3. Purchase under sink shelving.
  4. Pick up a narrow cabinet.
  5. Add some baskets.
  6. Include a pedestal sink cabinet.
  7. Put up a curtain.

How do you maximize a bathroom vanity storage?

Using an open shelf in the middle or lower section then gives you flexibility to tuck towels and baskets around the plumbing to maximize available space. Plus, open shelves can be a very attractive look, because it gives a vanity a lighter appearance.

What do you put under a sink?

Extra Things You Can Keep Under The Kitchen Sink

  • Dish towels and rags.
  • Small trash can.
  • Flower vases (limit to one or two universal ones)
  • Trash bags.
  • Cleaning Caddy (don’t have one? Here’s how to build one!)

How can I make my small bathroom more functional?

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  1. Mount the Towel Bar on a Door.
  2. Install a Corner Sink.
  3. Install a Shower Curtain.
  4. Incorporate Large-Scale Pattern.
  5. Install a Trough Sink.
  6. Extend the Counter over the Toilet.
  7. Use a Wall-Mounted Faucet.
  8. Don’t Install a Shower Door.

How can I improve my small bathroom?

33 Small Bathroom Ideas to Make Your Bathroom Feel Bigger

  1. Keep Your Colors Light and Bright. © Emily Gilbert Photography.
  2. Or Double Down on Dark Color.
  3. Mirror a Wall.
  4. Or Incorporate Multiple Mirrors.
  5. Opt for a Glass Shower Door.
  6. Or Remove Your Shower Door Completely.
  7. Backlight the Mirror.
  8. Take On Tile.

How do you organize your bathroom products?

9 Easy Tips to Organize the Bathroom

  1. Declutter First.
  2. Keep the Counters Clutter-Free.
  3. Use the Inside of Cabinet Doors for Storage.
  4. Use drawer dividers.
  5. Have a Caddy for Each Member of the Family.
  6. Add a laundry bin.
  7. Hang towels from hooks instead of towel bars.
  8. Use clear acrylic containers.

How do you store towels under the sink?

Roll towels and place them in a round wicker basket, or fold them neatly and stow them in a square basket under the sink or by the tub. If you’re short on floor space, hang the baskets vertically above the toilet or sink and nestle a few rolled towels or hand towels inside.

What do you put in a guest bathroom counter?

So before guests arrive, I make sure to stock up on bathroom items and put them out for easy access….Guest Bathroom Essentials List: Must Haves

  • Toilet paper.
  • Tissues.
  • Window coverings and shower curtains for privacy.
  • Bath towels.
  • Hand towels.
  • Wash cloths.
  • Bath mat.
  • Trash can.

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