How do electronic trap primers work?

How do electronic trap primers work?

Electronic Trap Primers deliver a timed discharge of water to the floor drain P-traps to ensure the traps maintain a water seal. FLUSH MOUNT (RECESSED) TRAP PRIMERS FEATURES: Flush Mount, or recessed, Electronic Trap Primers sit flush with the finished wall.

What is the purpose of a trap primer?

Trap primers are used in plumbing systems to prevent floor drain traps from losing their water seal by evaporation. Maintaining the water seal will prevent the backflow of sewer gas into the buildings or rooms where the traps are installed.

Is a trap primer necessary?

Plumbing codes require that trap primers be provided for “emergency” floor drains and other traps subject to evaporation. An example of an “emergency” floor drain is one in a toilet room. Trap primers must conform to ASSE 1018 or ASSE 1044 standards – ASSE stands for the American Society of Sanitary Engineering.

Do trap primers fail?

When a trap primer fails, sewer gas, bugs, and unpleasant odors can enter the building through the drain. Green Drains’ patented, easy to install design solves these common issues as water can freely pass down through the Green Drain, but gases, bugs, and odors are blocked by the one way seal.

Where do you put trap primer?

The trap primer valve should be installed vertically at least twelve (12) inches [305mm] above the grid of a floor drain, or the flood rim of the equipment which the trap is to serve.

How much does a trap primer cost?

$35.98 each

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What maintains the trap seal?

The most common trap primers are connected to a water line and activated via pressure fluctuation from a nearby urinal or water-closet flush that maintains the water levels.

How far can you run a trap primer?

Trap Primer valve makeup line to floor drain is recommended to be a minimum of 12” off the finished floor before a 90° elbow can be installed. The furthest recommended distance of makeup line is 20′ to the floor drain.

How do you attach a trap primer?

Trap Primer Valves Cycle primer at least (5) times to insure proper activity. The Trap Primer must be installed on a cold fresh water line of 1 1/2” dia. or less. Must be installed near a fixture that creates a minimum of 10 PSIG pressure drop. Do not install on water heater line due to insufficient pressure drop.

What is a primer line?

A priming line is a plastic or metal water line that is attached at one end to something that when in use, supplies water to another location.In most cases the priming lines are connected to the taps on your laundry tub, the taps in the kitchen (under the counter) and attached to the toilet tank (running up the back …

Where would a trap primer best be installed?

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