How can I see my tax return from 2013?

How can I see my tax return from 2013?

To request either transcript online, go to and look for our new online tool, Order a Transcript. To order by phone, call 800-908-9946 and follow the prompts in the recorded message.

How do I check the status of my Maryland state tax return?

You can check the status of your current year refund online, or by calling the automated line at (410) 260-7701 or 1-800-218-8160. Be sure you have a copy of your return on hand to verify information. You can also e-mail us at [email protected] to check on your refund.

How do I check the status of my Maryland income tax refund?

You can check on the status of your current year Maryland income tax refund by providing your Social Security number and theexact amount of your refund as shown on the tax return you submitted. Enter this information in the boxes below.

Why haven’t I received my Maryland refund yet?

If you filed electronically through a professional tax preparer and haven’t received your refund yet, contact your preparer first to make sure that your return was transmitted to us before checking the status of your Maryland refund. Due to budget constraints and staff reductions, we estimate processing of paper returns to take 30 days.

Who is responsible for handling my Maryland state tax refund payments?

MD Income Tax Return Comptroller of Maryland is responsible for handling all Maryland State Tax Refund Payments . Where’s My Maryland State Refund?

Is the Comptroller of Maryland responsible for misapplication of a direct deposit?

The Comptroller of Maryland is not responsible for the misapplication of a direct deposit refund that is caused by the error, negligence or malfeasance on the part of the taxpayer, electronic filer, return preparer, financial institution or any of their agents.

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