How can I open blocked sites without proxy?

How can I open blocked sites without proxy?

11 Ways to Unblock Websites Without Using Proxies

  1. Use the IP Address Instead of the URL. Every website has an IP address.
  2. Use Short Links.
  3. Convert Pages to PDF.
  4. Check for Available WiFi Networks.
  5. Use Your Phone as a Hotspot.
  6. Use Translation Services.
  7. Try Using the Tor Browser.
  8. Look for a Cached Version.

How can I open blocked sites in Chrome without VPN?

How to Open Blocked Websites Without VPN

  1. Go to Chrome Settings.
  2. Click on Security.
  3. On the secure DNS, select Cloudflare (1.1. 1.1).
  4. Check the selection.
  5. Now you can access blocked websites.

How do I unblock a website with an open proxy?

  1. Use a VPN to unblock any site you want.
  2. Unblock sites with an open proxy.
  3. Install a VPN or proxy browser extension.
  4. Use an IP address instead of a URL.
  5. Use the Tor Browser to unblock banned sites.
  6. View blocked content with Google Translate.
  7. Take advantage of a dynamic IP.

Which browser can open blocked sites?

The Tor browser is a free web browser that is used to keep you anonymous on the web by routing your web traffic through a series of proxy servers. Tor is often used to access websites that are blocked by the country or region you live in. You can install it on your computer directly or use it as a portable browser.

How can I go to blocked sites?

How to Access Blocked Websites (9 Ways)

  1. 10 Best VPN Service Providers For 2022.
  2. Accessing via IP Instead of URL.
  3. Use A Proxy Site.
  4. Use a VPN Service.
  5. 10 Best VPN Service Providers For 2022.
  6. Use TOR Browser.
  7. Using Public DNS of ISPs.
  8. 9 Best Free DNS Servers to Boost Privacy and Speed.

How do I browse restricted sites?

There are quite a bunch of methods on how to access blocked sites.

  1. Use VPN services.
  2. Become Anonymous: run your browser through a proxy.
  3. Use IP instead of URL.
  4. Choose between proxies in your browser.
  5. Use browser extensions.
  6. Replace your DNS Server.
  7. Use Wayback Machine.
  8. Use RSS feed.

How do I use an IP address instead of a URL?

Type the string “http://” followed by the IP address and then a forward slash. For example, type “http:// 209.191. 122.70/” (without the quotes).

How can I open blocked sites in Google Chrome?

1) Launch Google Chrome, click the three dots button in the upper right corner, then click Settings. 2) Scroll down to the bottom and click Advanced. 3) Under System, click Open proxy settings. 4) In the Security tab, select Restricted sites then click Sites.

How to access blocked sites without proxies or VPNs?

You can start by enabling a Personal Hotspot in your smartphone and proceed with connecting your computer to it. Once you’re done, you can easily access blocked sites without using Proxies or VPNs, but by simply making use of your smartphone.

How to open blocked websites?

Here’s what Opera can do: The best browser to open blocked sites gives you access to online content you desire without the usual government or company restrictions. As you probably know, organizations restrict or block access to their websites to manage bandwidth or reduce distractions. Identifying a site that needs unblocking is really easy.

How to unblock torrents without a VPN?

Tor Browser or Web Proxy (free): This method is effective for unblocking torrent sites (assuming the proxy website isn’t also blocked by your ISP). Downsides include: slow connections, frequent captchas, doesn’t encrypt downloads.

What is the best browser to open blocked sites?

UR browser is an excellent choice if you need to get a site unblocked, this browser is gradually becoming more and more popular and has been gaining more market shares. It is an innovative and technology-driven browser with built-in VPN and Ninja Mode set up to open blocked sites.

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