How can I open a Qiib account?

How can I open a Qiib account?


  1. Customer must attend in person to one of QIIB’s branches.
  2. Minimum age is 18 years old for a Qatari customers, and is 21 years old for an Expatriate.
  3. Original and valid Qatari ID must be presented.
  4. Salary certificate letter is required in case customer would like to have a cheque book.

How do I register for Qiib mobile banking?

To download QIIB Mobile via customer’s smartphone apps store (iPhone and Android smartphones) then follow these steps to register:

  1. Tap on “Register”
  2. Enter your debit or credit card 16 digits and PIN.
  3. Enter a username and password.
  4. Review the terms and condition.
  5. Enter the received OTP to verify the registration.

What is the full form of QIIB?

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What is the swift code of Qiib Qatar?


Swift code (8 characters) QIIBQAQA
Branch code XXX

How can I open Qiib account in Qatar?

The steps are as follows: Download QIIB mobile banking application through Apple or Android store, choose open a new account service, fill in the required information electronically, upload a photocopy of one’s ID and a photocopy of the passport (in case the applicant is a resident).

How can I open QNB account in Qatar?

How can I Open an Account?

  1. You can open a Saving Account instantly, at QNB Finansbank branches, by calling the Call Center at the number 0 850 222 0 900, at the “QNB Mobil” and the Internet Branch.
  2. You can open your Saving Account by visiting the nearest QNB Finansbank branch.

How do I transfer money from Qiib?

Employer needs to complete the ‘Customer Authorization to QIIB to execute instructions sent by Email/Telephone’ Form. Affix Company stamp on all forms. Attach a copy of Employees QID who wish to transfer funds. All the above forms are to be sent to the QIIB Corporate Branch electronically: [email protected]. …

How can I activate my Qiib salary card?

For card activation, please follow one of the options:

  1. Mobile Banking. – Download QIIB Mobile application on your mobile, the application is available on Apple and Android Stores. – choose the list of cards.
  2. Internet Banking Service. – log in your internet banking account. – Go to the list of card.
  3. Phone banking.

How do I get my IBAN certificate from commercial bank?

Get Started

  1. Apply online. Start.
  2. By phone. Call us on 4449 5060.
  3. In person. Find a branch. ​

Can I open a bank account in Qatar online?

Opening a bank account in Qatar before you arrive is certainly possible, and big banks such as the Commercial Bank Of Qatar and QNB allow new customers to open online accounts.

Is Qatar International Islamic Bank (qiib) a Sharia bank?

On 1 January 1991, Qatar International Islamic Bank (QIIB) was established as a full-service bank committed to Sharia principles. QIIB is one of the founders of Islamic Bank of Britain and Syria International Islamic Bank and a founding member of “Tasheelat,” a sharia-compliant finance business offering financing to customers.

How to find a branch of Qatar Islamic Bank in Qatar?

Below are the list of Qatar Islamic Bank Branches found in Qatar, including their address location. So it will be easier for you to check if the branch is in your area, please do a “CTRL+F” search on your keyboard and type the bank name or location. Check out the info below for a list of locations of ATM machines available in Qatar.

What is the history of the Qatar Islamic Bank?

Qatar Islamic Bank (Q.P.S.C) was set up in 1982 as the principal Islamic budgetary foundation in Qatar. Its items and activities are regulated by a Shari’a board, which guarantees the Bank holds fast to Islamic banking and account standards.

How to withdraw money from Qatar International Islamic Bank in Qatar?

We have compile the list of Qatar International Islamic Bank Branches and ATM machines in Qatar, So that you can easily withdraw or deposit the money, please do a “CTRL+F” search on your keyboard and type the bank name or location. See the list below of the locations of ATM machines available in Qatar, then you can search for available machines.

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