How can I find my drivers license number online?

How can I find my drivers license number online?

How to Find Driving License (DL) Number Online

  1. Now open new page and select your state.
  2. Select main menu to other to Find Application Number.
  3. Select your State, RTO & Enter your Name, Date of birth & Captcha Code.
  4. Then Click on “Submit”

How do you check if a person has a driver’s license South Africa?

The website offers a quick service were the submission of the driver’s ID number, passport number, foreign ID number or car registration number as well as their licence card number triggers an automated response that confirms or denies the validity of the person’s licence.

Can I check my drivers license status online South Africa?

How do I check the status of my driving licence? To check the status of your card, log onto the website, input your ID number and other information, and the National Traffic Information System (Natis license check) will provide you with the information you need.

How do I check if my license is valid in South Africa? Check Your Licence Card : National Traffic Information System

  1. Organization : National Traffic Information System.
  2. Service Name : Check Your Licence Card.
  3. Applicable For : Citizen of South Africa.
  4. Website :

How do I check if my driving Licence is ready?

Luckily there’s an SMS service for you to check on the progress of your renewal. Simply SMS your ID number to 33214, wait a short while, and you should receive a message about where in the process your licence is.

How do I check if my driving licence is ready?

There 3 ways to check if your DL is ready for collection:

  1. The quickest is using sms. Send your National ID number to 22846.
  2. Log in to eCitizen website and go to NTSA section then check DL status.
  3. Log on to NTSA TIMS system either through the website or the smartphone app.

Can someone collect my drivers license?

“If you can’t collect your new licence yourself, you can ask someone to do it on your behalf. All you need to do is a certified copy of your ID, a certified copy of the person collecting on your behalf’s ID and an affidavit explaining that you have permitted them to receive on your behalf as you can’t do so in person.

How can I download driving Licence online in up?

Online procedure:

  1. Visit UP Government’s transport website-
  2. Download the form online and print it.
  3. Fill it and submit it along with the relevant documents at the RTO office.
  4. On verification of the documents, the driving license is issued to the applicant on the same day.

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