How can I check my prize bond 1500 online?

How can I check my prize bond 1500 online?

How to Check Prize Bond Result online with

  1. Reach on the at your browser, where you can see the 1st option to check the result.
  2. Now, enter your prize bond amount in the given place.
  3. Once you are done, enter the draw date on which the prize bond draw held in Pakistan.

What is the first prize of 1500 bond 2021?

Rs. 1500 Prize Bond List Draw 88 Faisalabad Result 15 November 2021

Bond Worth City First Prize
Rs 1500 Faisalabad 3,000,000 PKR

When did 1500 prize bond draw?

Rs 1500 Prize bond draw

Bond Worth City Date
Rs 1500 Muzaffarabad 15-02-2022

Do prize bonds expire?

If someone does not claim their prize within 6 months of the draw date, the prize is included in our unclaimed prizes database. The prize is then held, indefinitely until the holder comes forward to claim it.

How do I check my 1971 Premium Bonds?

You can use your NS&I number to check your Premium Bonds online or using the bond checker app. Go through any past communication you’ve had with NS&I, including emails, letters, bond reports, or records you may have. Look for a number that’s 11 digits long and has 11, 21, 31, or 41 as its first digits.

How prize bonds work in Pakistan?

Funds raised are used to offset government borrowing and are refundable to the bond owner on demand. Interest is returned to bond owners via prizes which are distributed by random selection of bonds. Prize Bonds are also offered in Pakistan, by the Ministry of Finance, and in the UK, under the name Premium Bonds.

Will Prize Bonds contact you if you win?

The good news is those prizes are held indefinitely until claimed by a bond holder and every prize winner is contacted at the address last registered with the Prize Bond Company.

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