How big is Cinven?

How big is Cinven?

To date, Cinven has raised Funds totalling c. €37 billion and has invested in c. 135 companies across Europe and in North America. It became independent from the British Coal pension scheme in 1995 and raised its first independent Fund in 1996.

How many employees does Cinven have?

Cinven is a leading international private equity firm with more than 80 investment professionals and more than 160 staff across offices in London, Paris, Madrid, Frankfurt, Luxembourg, Milan, Guernsey, Hong Kong and New York.

What does Cinven stand for?

Cinven has been reported to originally stand for Coal Investment Nominees’ for Venture Capital. Cinven invests in six sectors on an international basis: Business Services; Technology, Media and Telecommunications; Financial Services; Industrials; Healthcare; and Consumer.

Who owns Cinven?

Cinven Group Ltd.Cinven / Parent organization

What does the Carlyle Group do?

The Carlyle Group is an American multinational private equity, alternative asset management and financial services corporation with $325 billion of assets under management. It specializes in private equity, real assets, and private credit.

What does Coller Capital do?

The firm provides liquidity solutions to private markets investors worldwide, acquiring interests in private equity, private credit, and other private markets assets. With headquarters in London, and offices in New York and Hong Kong, Coller’s multinational investment team has a truly global reach.

Who owns true potential wealth?

David Harrison
The company is controlled by its founder, David Harrison, who remains at the helm as chairman and owns a paper stake likely to be worth hundreds of millions of pounds. Mr Harrison previously founded Positive Solutions, which grew into a business representing 1900 IFAs.

How many people work at Carlyle?

The Carlyle Group

Type Public company
Total assets US$15.664 billion (2020)
Total equity US$2.93 billion (2020)
Number of employees 1,800 (2021)

What is Jeremy Coller worth?

In 2019 the Sunday Times Rich List gave Coller’s net worth to be £320 million….

Jeremy Coller
Born 17 May 1958 London, England
Education Manchester University University of Sussex
Occupation Businessman

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