Does Wakka love Lulu?

Does Wakka love Lulu?

Lulu is stoic and almost never breaks her stern demeanor. Though usually uncompromising, Lulu is close to Wakka since they grew up together and comforts him when he is upset. Lulu has a seductive side to her, such as if Tidus expresses an attraction to her, she says she’ll add Tidus to “her list” and wishes him luck.

Why does Wakka use a Blitzball?

He started played blitzball at the age of five, joining the Besaid Aurochs at 13. Blitzball served as a distraction from the constant pain and sorrow Sin brought to Spira. When Wakka played blitzball, his presence was with the game, not consumed by fear.

What does reset Blitzball data do?

Reset Data is a feature in Blitzball that allows you to rewind time and bring back all the player’s EXP back to 0. All teams will also have their original players back in their team.

What happens if you miss Jecht Shot?

The mini-game around the Jecht Shot is simple – you have to press some button prompts as shown on-screen in order to successfully perform the move. If you do this, you unlock it for Blitzball. If you don’t, the scene is over without a further reward and the trip on the ship ends.

Why are Lulus eyes red?

Lulu, being generally fair-skinned, seems to have albinism due to insufficient production of melanin. But it’s not that her eyes themselves are red; her iris is transparent enough that the blood vessels behind it show through, creating the reddish color.

Why does Lulu use dolls?

Lulu equips dolls as her weapons and bangles as her armor.

Who is Chappu FFX?

Chappu is a non-playable character from Final Fantasy X, who died a year before the events of the game. He is Wakka’s deceased brother and Lulu’s former love interest. Chappu was the original owner of Brotherhood before leaving it behind to use machina weapons in the war against Sin.

What is Wakkas weapon?

Celestial Weapon. World Champion is a Celestial Weapon and it is the most powerful weapon for Wakka in the game. You must obtain the Celestial Mirror before you can obtain or create any of the Celestial Weapons.

What is the easiest way to get Jupiter Sigil?

How to Obtain Jupiter Sigil. The Jupiter Sigil is obtained by playing Blitzball. You must obtain all of Wakka’s Overdrives. The Jupiter Sigil will appear as a prize once all the Overdrives are obtained.

Is there a Jecht Shot 3?

The Great Jecht Shoot No. 3; International: 雄大かつすてきなジェクトシュート3号, Yūdai Katsu Suteki na Jekuto Shūto San-gō?, lit. The Wonderful and Magnificent Jecht Shoot No. 3), often referred to as simply the Jecht Shot (ジェクトシュート, Jekuto Shūto?), is a blitzball technique invented by Jecht of Final Fantasy X.

Can Tidus learn Jecht Shot 2?

The Jecht Shot 2 appears as a rare prize in blitzball tournaments. The chances of the JS2 appearing is equal to the level of Tidus / 100 so increasing Tidus level is necessary to learn the Jecht Shot easily. For tips on levelling up players, see the link below.

Is there an X-2 blitzball FAQ?

There is a posted Final Fantasy X-2 Blitzball FAQ which might assist your understanding of this type of blitzball. AZorro007 – 7 years ago – report 1 6 You’re browsing GameFAQs Q&A as a guest.

Is blitzball worth playing in FFX-2?

Since it’s hard to get into, but also worth playing, I decided it needed a FAQ. Besides, blitzball is the best minigame in FFX-2 (though that’s not saying much). Q: How is Blitzball different in FFX-2?

How many players are in Blitzball?

There are a total of 99 players that play Blitzball. 35 of them are Free Agents. The Free Agents are only available to the Gullwings, and then only available depending on your scouting level. Increase this level and the teams level by winning games. Command Points are used to scout and hire any new players.

What do the numbers mean in Blitzball?

In the upper right hand of the screen in blitzball mode is a number. This number is your Command Point (CP) total. Command Points are used for training, scouting, and renewing contracts. You earn them by walking around the field and playing blitzball games.

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