Does Society6 steal art?

Does Society6 steal art?

Entirely at Society6’s discretion, they will lock your account and remove ALL of your designs if they decide ONE single design violates their T&C. Society6 will STEAL all your outstanding commission on ALL your designs, if they decide ONE of your designs violates their T&C.

Is Society6 ethical?

Is Society6 Ethical? Society6 is known to follow ethical practices that do not harm people or the environment, and they don’t exploit workers or children.

Is Society6 a good company?

Overview. Society6 has a consumer rating of 4.26 stars from 1,481 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Consumers satisfied with Society6 most frequently mention customer service, full refund and phone case. Society6 ranks 14th among Home Decor sites.

How much does an artist make on Society6?

Society6 artists earn 10% of the retail price on all products except for Art Prints, Framed Prints, Canvas Prints, Framed Canvases, Floating Acrylic Prints, and Recessed Frame Prints. The retail price covers the cost of manufacturing, fulfillment and the artist share.

Who is Society6 owned by?

Leaf Group Ltd.
Society6 is a wholly owned subsidiary of Leaf Group Ltd. (NYSE:LEAF).

Does Society6 own your art?

Does Society6 own your art? No, they don’t. Society6, like many print-on-demand businesses, is an art licensing model. This means the rights of artwork remain with the artist.

Is Society6 an American company?

Society6 is an American company that focuses on providing an online platform for artists to sell their artwork creations to their sellers, across a variety of products, in the USA.

Where does Society6 ship from?

Where is My Order Shipped From? We have several vendors around the world in Australia, Germany, Italy, the UK, South Korea and the US that help us get our artist-designed products to customers.

Is Society6 a Chinese company?

Is Society6 non exclusive?

Grant of Rights As long as you comply with these Terms and our policies, we grant you a limited, non-exclusive, revocable, non-transferable license, without right of sublicense, to use the Services solely for their intended purpose.

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