Does Ray-Ban sell black lenses?

Does Ray-Ban sell black lenses?

The fact is and the answer is NO. Ray-Ban does not make black lenses. What you see when you see others sunglass lenses on Ray-Bans that appear black is either a green or grey lens. The reason they look black is because the light makes these lenses look black.

Are Ray-Bans for both genders?

Answer: Yes. All Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses are made for both Men & Women alike. There is no specific style that is made for either sex at the moment.

Are cheap sunglasses worth it?

Clearly, a cheap pair of sunglasses just isn’t worth the potential damage it can cause to your eyes and the discomfort they can bring for long-term wear. With poor UV protection, easily damaged material, and low-quality optical clarity, a pair of plastic sunglasses simply aren’t worth it.

How much do Ray Ban sunglasses cost?

You could pick up a pair for five bucks at the local bodega or drop over $500 on a pair from your favorite designer label. Ray-Ban falls pretty central on the spectrum, with pairs starting around $150 and going up to about $500 for ones made with an ultra-light titanium frame.

Where can you buy Ray Ban sunglasses?

Today’s our lucky day — select sunglasses from Ray-Ban and Oakley are currently on sale at Nordstrom! No one will throw shade your way when you’re rocking these shades. Most of these styles are unisex, so treat yourself or a loved one (after all, Valentine’s Day is around the corner!).

Where to buy Ray Ban?

From retro cat-eye shapes to teeny tiny frames, sunglasses trends are always changing. But no matter what style is currently flooding your Instagram feed (hello, rectangular shades), there’s one iconic brand that has stood the test of time: Ray-Ban.

How much are Ray Ban?

The wire-framed Ray-Ban 55MM Oval Sunglasses regularly retail for $159, so this makes them about 50% off. If anything, it’s a great investment because you could wear this classic look and shape for years to come.

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