Does Pre-Seed really work trying to conceive?

Does Pre-Seed really work trying to conceive?

If you can’t live without lube, Masterson says you can use Pre-Seed, an FDA-approved “fertility-friendly” lubricant developed by doctors. It’s pH-balanced to match fertile cervical mucus as well as the pH of his sperm, so it won’t hurt your odds of conceiving.

What is the success rate of Pre-Seed?

Pre-Seed has the highest rate of swimmers with progressive motility at 86 percent.

Does KY jelly prevent pregnancy?

The researchers found conclusively that using lubricants did not affect natural fertility, stating: “Lubricants are commonly used by couples during procreative intercourse. Lubricant use during procreative intercourse does not appear to reduce the probability of conceiving.”

Does PreSeed lubricant help get pregnant?

Does Pre-Seed lubricant help you get pregnant? No. Fertility-friendly lube is made from ingredients that will not damage sperm, but it does not enhance the chances of pregnancy.

What lube helps you get pregnant?

Most lubricants, including saliva, can slow sperm movement. So, what if you use lubricants and are trying to get pregnant and need sperm motility? Search for a lubricant that is hydroxyethlcellulose-based. These lubricants don’t decrease sperm motility and are the most like natural vaginal mucus.

Does Pre-Seed help with low sperm count?

PreSeed’s effect on sperm has been analyzed in several lab studies (Agarwal et al, 2007; Sandhu et al, 2014; Mackenzie et al, 2019; Mowat et al, 2014); in nearly every study, it was found that PreSeed did not significantly decrease sperm motility or vitality or increase sperm DNA damage.

Why choose pre‑seed™ fertility‑friendly personal personal lubricant?

WHY CHOOSE PRE‑SEED™ FERTILITY‑FRIENDLY PERSONAL LUBRICANT? Pre‑Seed™ Fertility‑Friendly Lubricant is a high-quality lubricant that mimics fertile cervical fluids to support sperm on their journey.

Does anyone have a positive experience with pre seed?

I am a Family Physician who has had a very positive experience with your product, Pre Seed. My wife and I suffered from infertility for years after we were married. Ultimately, we were successful … and now have two beautiful children. Pre Seed, in conjunction with other treatments, played a key role in curing our infertility.

Does preseed really work?

We began using a fertility monitor but it wasn’t until we tried Preseed that we finally got the BFP – first month of using preseed. Lots of things have contributed to this success but preseed definitely played a role – defying the doctors prognosis! It really does work! Hi, Just had to write to you to share my good news.

Does pre-seed help with sperm quality?

I found it reassuring to know that Pre-seed helped to create a sperm friendly environment and I am certain that it contributed to our success. I will be sure to tell others about your product too!

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