Does Nita turn into bear?

Does Nita turn into bear?

Kenai says he can’t leave Koda behind, so Nita becomes a bear instead. After being transformed, Nita and Kenai get married in the village, with both humans and bears celebrating, and Nita becomes part of Kenai and Koda’s family.

Why did Joaquin Phoenix not voice Kenai in Brother Bear 2?

Joaquin Phoenix did not reprise his role as Kenai for the sequel due to scheduling conflicts, instead Patrick Dempsey replaced him. Both Phoenix and Dempsey share Kenai as their only voice acting role to date.

Does Nita turn into a bear in Brother Bear 2?

Kenai tells Nita that he cannot become a human again and leave Koda, but Nita tells him that she can be with him. With her father’s blessing, the Spirits transform Nita into a bear. The film ends with Kenai and Nita’s wedding that the tribes, bears, Koda, Rutt, Tuke and their mates happily watch.

Who was Koda Brother Bear?

Koda is a male bear. He is the adoptive brother of Kenai. While on the way to the Salmon Run, Koda got separated from his mother due to an attack by human hunters. Shortly afterward, he befriended an older bear named Kenai, whom, unbeknownst to Koda, was truly a human who had been transformed into a bear.

Is Denahi in Brother Bear 2?

Despite being a major character in Brother Bear, Denahi is neither seen nor mentioned in the sequel. He also appears in Return of the Bear of Love. During early production of Brother Bear, Denahi was going to be Kenai’s father rather than his brother.

Why did they change the actor in Brother Bear 2?

Denahi was originally going to make an appearance in this sequel, but because Jason Raize, the actor who voiced Denahi in the first film, tragically committed suicide in Australia. Resulting in his absence for the sequel for out of respect for Jason.

How old is Kenai?

A 16-year-old proto-Inuit hunter, Kenai is the protagonist of the two films. After his eldest brother is killed in a fatal bear attack, Kenai slays the beast for revenge only to be turned into an animal by his tribe’s spirits, so he can learn a lesson in empathy.

Is Brother Bear set in Canada?

The film is set in post-ice age in Alaska, where the local tribesmen believe all creatures are created through Spirits, said to appear in the form of an aurora. Three brothers, Kenai (voiced by Joaquin Phoenix), Denahi (voiced by Jason Raize), and Sitka (voiced by D.B.

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