Does Intego slow down Mac?

Does Intego slow down Mac?

All of Intego’s software are now fully optimized for macOS 10.13 and won’t slow down your Mac. If you plan to upgrade your Mac to Apple’s new High Sierra operating system, we recommend you take the following steps to stay protected.

What is Intego on Mac?

Intego VirusBarrier provides real-time antivirus protection for Macs, and scans files whenever they’re accessed to keep your Mac free of malware. Our Mac antivirus software automatically checks for the latest updates to make sure you’re protected against the newest threats.

How do I delete my Intego account?

Step 1: Disconnect You can do so by right-clicking the application icon within the menu bar or by clicking the power button within the application menu. The power button will turn yellow to indicate that you are disconnected from the VPN and the application icon will appear dimmed with an ‘X’ through it.

What is Intego software?

Focusing primarily on antivirus software for macOS, Intego sells four antivirus plans. Each of them features different utilities for virus protection, Mac performance enhancement, parental controls, firewall, and backup. The company added three antivirus packages for Windows in September 2020.

Is Intego legitimate?

Is Intego Antivirus Software Good? Intego’s Mac antivirus software is good and did well in our ratings. The company’s antivirus packages include a variety of macOS protections, privacy tools, and system optimization functions.

Who owns Intego?

Kape TechnologiesIntego / Parent organization

How do I stop Intego scan?

You can stop a scan at any time by clicking the Stop Scan button.

Does Intego remove malware?

First, you can purchase Intego’s software directly, or after a free trial period. The free trial lasts for 30 days and allows you to scan files for viruses, with some limited quarantine features, but does not allow you to remove malware.

Who makes Intego?

Co-founded by former CEO Laurent Marteau and Jean-Paul Florencio and based in Paris, France, Intego released its first antivirus product in 1997: Rival, an antivirus for Mac OS 8. Two years later in July 1999, Intego released NetBarrier, the first personal security software suite for Mac OS 8.

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