Does EB Games accept trades?

Does EB Games accept trades?

What can I trade in at EB Games? We accept trades on select games, accessories, console and handheld hardware for the following gaming platforms: Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation 4, XBOX One, & Nintendo Switch.

Can I trade my PS4 for a PS5?

With GameStop’s trade-in credit program, you can receive a $200 credit towards the PS5 with a PS4 Pro trade-in, a $150 credit with a 1TB PS4 Slim trade-in, or a $100 credit with a 500GB PS4 Slim.

Can you sell your old games to EB Games?

All you have to do is follow three easy steps: Grab your old games and consoles and bring them into your local EB Games store with the required identification. A store associate will quickly tell you how much store credit your games are worth. Use your credit towards anything else in store!

Can I trade my PS4 for a Nintendo switch?

If you have another console that you’re not using much, it can be your key to getting a discount on your purchase of a Switch by means of a trade-in. The eligible systems for trade-in are a PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One (original), Xbox One S, Xbox One X, Wii U, 3DS XL and PS Vita.

How many PS5 are there on eBay?

PlayStation 5 eBay Sales Overview

Console Graph MSRP Total Sold
PS5 Digital $399 18,329
PS5 Disc $499 61,586
Total N/A 79,915

How much is a PS5 worth?

The PS5 Digital Edition costs $399.99. The standard PS5 with a disc drive costs $499.99. The disc-drive PS5 matches the price of the Xbox Series X. The digital version of the PS5 is $100 more than the Xbox Series S, the Series X’s more affordable, all-digital option.

Do you have to be 18 to trade-in EB Games?

In addition to ID requirements, you need to be 16 years of age or older to trade goods at EB Games.

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