Do silk duvets have a tog rating?

Do silk duvets have a tog rating?

As of yet there is no official standards tog rating for silk duvets. This leaves the market in a bit of turmoil as some suppliers may recommend one thing and others something completely different. The comparative tog rating system we have seen is by measuring grams of silk per square meter.

Are silk duvets worth it?

Silk filled duvets can be better for your health Because there’s generally less sweat produced when sleeping under a silk duvet, there’s also significantly less bacteria build up. This makes for a more hygienic sleeping environment that repels dust mites.

What tog is mulberry silk duvet?

You’re guaranteed to slip into a restful slumber with our irresistibly luxurious Mulberry Silk 4.5 tog duvet….Select your products.

Fill 100% Silk
Tog Rating 4.5 Tog
Casing Fabric 300 Thread Count Dobby Cotton
Season Spring / Summer
Type Duvets

Is a silk duvet warm enough for winter?

Silk duvets are ideal for both warm and cold weather. Silk is thinner and lighter. This means it has a smoother, more soothing touch than wool which is solid.

What TOG is 450gsm?

As a guide, 250gsm filling is similar to a 2-4 tog rating, 400gsm is about a 7-9 tog rating, while 600gsm is equivalent to 10-13 tog.

How long will a silk duvet last?

You can expect your silk bedding to last 10-15 years if you care for it properly.

How do I choose a silk duvet?

When shopping for silk duvets you should look at the tog to identify how warm or cool the duvet is. The tog is a rating of how insulating a particular duvet or other kind of fabric is. The ideal summer duvet is usually between 2-4 tog and has no additional fabrics added to it.

Can I wash my mulberry silk duvet?

The duvet must never be dry cleaned, machine washed, hand washed in its entirety, wrung or tumble dried. A properly covered silk duvet should not require cleaning under normal conditions of use. We recommend that the duvet is regularly aired for a maximum of 1 hours out of direct sunlight but in warm dry conditions.

What is the difference between tussah silk and mulberry silk?

Tussah silk is more robust than mulberry silk and, by nature, has a slightly brownish colour. The thicker and shorter thread is more uneven and less fine due to its natural colouring and heavy basting. Honan and shantung are some of the fabrics made from this wild silk.

Can a silk duvet be washed?

How warm is a silk duvet?

Silk covered and silk filled duvets provide superior temperature control in both warm and cool conditions when compared to down duvets. They are beautifully warm and inviting during cooler nights, and toasty but not too hot on warmer evenings.

How warm is a 1 tog duvet?

The higher the tog rating, the warmer the duvet will be, with 1 tog being very cool and lightweight, and 15 being the warmest. Typically, the thinnest, lightest duvet you’ll find on the market is 4.5 tog, while the thickest and heaviest is usually around 13.5 tog.

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