Do all VIZIO remotes work with all VIZIO TVs?

Do all VIZIO remotes work with all VIZIO TVs?

If you have another VIZIO TV in your home try using that remote. Most VIZIO remotes work with most VIZIO TV’s.

What TV remotes are compatible with VIZIO?

Remote compatible with vizio TV

Remote control model Model TV Year TV
XRT500 M43-C1, M49-C1, M50-C1, M55-C2, M60-C3, M65-C1, M70-C3, M75-C1, M80-C3 2015
XRT122 D58U-D3 2015
XRT112 E24-C1, E28H-C1, E32-C1, E32H-C1, E40X-C2, E40-C2, E43-C2, E48-C2, E50-C1, E55-C2, E55-C1, E60-C3, E65X-C2, E65-C3, E70-C3 2015

What do I do if I lost my VIZIO TV remote?

The simplest way to turn on your television when you’ve lost or misplaced the remote is through the Vizio SmartCast app for iOS or Android. You can also control your Vizio Smart TV without a remote using the remote app. That means that, even if you can’t find the remote, you can still be in control of the TV.

Will a new Vizio remote work with any VIZIO TV?

Works with all types of Vizio TVs This replacement Vizio TV remote control is guaranteed to work with 100% of all Vizio TV models. There is no setup required for most Vizio televisions – simply insert the batteries and start using it.

What is VIZIO code for universal remote?

Enter one of the programming code from the list 1169 1168 0081 0112 0143 1011 0050 1000 1222 1322 1189 0218 0219 0220 0221 0222 for your VIZIO TV (including LCD, LED and Plasma) device. enter it using the Number Buttons. The LED flashes once after entering each digit.

Can I download a Vizio remote?

The SmartCast Mobile application can be used as a remote for VIZIO SmartCast Televisions, Home Theater Displays, and Sound Bars. To set up your remote to control all of your VIZIO SmartCast products, use the followings steps. Download the VIZIO SmartCast Mobile™ app on a compatible Android or iOS device.

Can you use your phone as a remote for a VIZIO TV?

What is the code for a universal remote for a VIZIO TV?

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