Did the Queen tour in 1978?

Did the Queen tour in 1978?

1978 Jazz North American Tour.

Where did Queen tour in 1977?

Tour itinerary

11.11.1977 Portland, USA 01.12.1977 New York, USA
24.11.1977 Philadelphia, USA 17.12.1977 Oakland, USA
25.11.1977 Norfolk, USA 20.12.1977 Long Beach, USA
27.11.1977 Richfield, USA 21.12.1977 Long Beach, USA
29.11.1977 Landover, USA 22.12.1977 Inglewood, USA

When did Queen play the Forum in Los Angeles?

Queen Concert Setlist at The Forum, Inglewood on July 11, 1980 | setlist.fm.

Where did Queen tour in 1978?

New Orleans
The Jazz Tour was a concert tour by the British rock band Queen, supporting the album Jazz. The tour was memorable for the spectacle created by the band. As James Henke of Rolling Stone said about the band’s Halloween 1978 concert in New Orleans: “…

Did Thin Lizzy open for Queen?

Back in 1977, Queen embarked on their 1977 North American tour to promote their fifth studio album A Day at the Races. Supporting the band throughout was Thin Lizzy and it turns out Freddie Mercury “totally inspired” their frontman Phil Lynott.

Did Queen ever perform in Russia?

The concert presentation took place on April 18, 2018 in the Moscow International House of Music and was an absolute success.

Did Kansas ever open for Queen?

As Queen hit the road to promote their third album, Sheer Heart Attack, Kansas were one of the bands chosen to open for them.

Which bands did Queen support?

Support bands on Queen tours

After The Fire 28.4.1982 – 21.5.1982
Mahogany Rush 5.2.1975 – 6.4.1975 (only some dates)
Manfred Mann 10.9.1976
Marillion 14.6.1986, 21.6.1986, 26.6.1986, 19.7.1986
Molly Hatchet 18.8.1979

Did Queen ever play in Buffalo?

Queen Concert Setlist at Buffalo Memorial Auditorium, Buffalo on November 28, 1978 | setlist.fm.

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