Did Mika win The Voice?

Did Mika win The Voice?

The eighth season was won by Whitney Marin, a contestant on team Mika. The ninth season was won by Abi Bernadoth, a contestant on team Pascal.

What the voice is Mika on?

The rumors are true, Mika will indeed be a season coach again this year on The Voice: La Plus Belle Voix in France! He is joined in the famous red chairs by Soprano, Julien Clerc and old friend and fellow voice coach Jenifer. It’s set to be a great season, don’t forget to tune in!

Was Mika a judge on The Voice France?

After appearing as a judge on The Voice: La Plus Belle Voix earlier this year, Mika is returning for the show’s fifth series. He will be joined by fellow judges Florent Pagny and Zazie, along with Garou, who is returning to the show to replace Jenifer.

Who Won The Voice France 2018?

Whitney Marin
The Voice: la plus belle voix (season 8)

The Voice: la plus belle voix
Winner Whitney Marin
Runner-up Clément Albertini
Original network TF1

Did Anne Sila win The Voice?

Results. The fourth season is won by Lilian Renaud, finalist of the team Zazie. Zazie become the first female coach to win The Voice. The runner-up, Anne Sila from team Florent Pagny, is the only one female who ranked in second place since the beginning of the show.

How many times did Mika win The Voice?

But the fourth coach Louis Bertignac from seasons 1 and 2 was replaced by British singer Mika. Kendji Girac of Team Mika was the third season winner with finale held on May 10, 2014.

How tall is Mika singer?

6′ 3″Mika / Height

How old is Mika Penniman?

38 years (August 18, 1983)Mika / Age

Who won Voice France 2019?

Marghe Davico
The Voice France just declared a new winner after a season full of record-breaking and incredible performances. Marghe Davico from Team Florent Pagny took home the win as 5.4 million people tuned in to the show produced by ITV Studios France.

Who is the winner of the Voice france 2015?

Lilian Renaud
Lilian Renaud of Team Zazie was the fourth season winner with finale held on April 24, 2015. Anne Sila from Team Florent Pagny was the runner-up.

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