Can you wear 18g in tragus?

Can you wear 18g in tragus?

✨ Tragus piercings, like all ear cartilage piercings, are typically pierced with a 16 gauge needle, which is 1.2mm thick. By comparison, your standard lobe piercing uses a 20 gauge needle, which is 0.81mm thick. Ideally, you should wear 16 gauge jewelry in your tragus to prevent your piercing from shrinking.

What length barbell do I need for tragus?

Common gauges, lengths, and jewelry The most common gauges to get pierced with are a 16GA, and a 14GA. More times than others, you’re pierced with a 16GA. There is always more selection in earrings for a tragus ring with a 16GA barbell.

Can you put a barbell in tragus?

Barbells are another good option for tragus piercings because they can fit nicely around the outcropping of cartilage. Most barbells used for tragus piercings are internally threaded as they’re much easier to put in and take out.

What gauge is a tongue piercing?

14 gauge
Choosing the right body jewelry A typical tongue piercing is done with a 14 gauge (14G) high grade titanium, or gold barbell measuring 7/8-inch. Note that’s the size of an initial tongue piercing; once healed the length of the barbell can be shortened.

How do I know what gauge my tragus piercing is?

How do I measure my helix, tragus, or conch piercing? The measurement that you need is the distance from the piercing hole to the edge of your ear. Take this measurement in a straight line, because if you measure at a diagonal angle you will end up with a hoop that fits larger than you anticipated.

How painful is tragus piercing?

It consists of thick cartilage, which is good protection, and there’s not a lot of nerve endings there. It hurts maybe a 6 out of a10, pain-wise. But it’s just a few seconds—just a quick “hot” feeling, and then it’s done!

What are the benefits of a tragus piercing?

The Tragus is associated with acupuncture techniques to help control appetite. There are also some who believe that tragus piercings can help with anxiety and migraine pain.

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