Can you watch trials at the Old Bailey?

Can you watch trials at the Old Bailey?

You will only have access to the public galleries to view trials. (It is a bit sitting in the balcony seats of a small theatre.) Admittance to the galleries is free, as the Court is a public building. You may have to queue to gain admittance to a particular case if the public gallery is full.

How do I find court records UK?

One of the best ways to search for court records is online starting with the UK National Archives. There are different databases that are going to allow you to access the information you are seeking. For instance, there are Old Baily trial records that you can view online from 1674 to 1913.

What kind of cases go to the Old Bailey?

They usually sit at the High Court in (the) Strand, dealing with appeals and civil cases. But in really big criminal cases, such as the murder trial of Ian Huntley (who was accused of killing two 10-year-old schoolgirls), they are asked to act as the judge.

How do I reference the Old Bailey online?

To cite the project and web site as a whole please use the following format: Tim Hitchcock, Robert Shoemaker, Clive Emsley, Sharon Howard and Jamie McLaughlin, et al., The Old Bailey Proceedings Online, 1674-1913 (, version 7.0, 24 March 2012).

Can you watch Crown Court cases online UK?

UK Supreme Court proceedings can now be viewed any time, any place, with the launch of an on-demand archive of past hearings unveiled today to complement the court’s existing live streaming service.

Is the Old Bailey public gallery open?

The public galleries are open Monday – Friday 09:55 to 12:40 and 13:55 – 15:40. Visitors must be over 14. Proof of age may be requested by security.

Can you watch court cases online UK?

Can anyone watch a court case UK?

Courts are mostly open to the public who are permitted to observe proceedings. In the UK there is a basic principle for our legal system that says that ‘Justice should be seen to be done’. This principle means that the general public can attend Court including trials and sentencing hearings and watch the events.

What are Old Bailey records?

Records of prisoners, 1782-1971 The Old Bailey contains a network of cells used to hold prisoners awaiting trial and those convicted of crimes.

Why is the Old Bailey so named?

The name ‘Old Bailey’ comes from the street on which the court is located. The road marks the route of the City’s original fortified wall (or ‘bailey’). ‘Old Bailey’ is only a nickname for what’s really called the Central Criminal Court of England and Wales. Old Bailey sounds better.

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