Can you use VSP with 1-800 Contacts?

Can you use VSP with 1-800 Contacts?

Yes. 1-800 CONTACTS is an in-network provider for Davis Vision, Superior Vision (Versant Health), Spectera (United Healthcare), Blue View Vision, and Anthem BCBS (administered by EyeMed). We are also accepted as an out-of-network provider by most major insurance companies, such as VSP, EyeMed and more.

Can I use VSP to buy contacts at Costco?

Most in-store Costco Optical centers will accept VSP as standard. However, EyeMed insurance will only cover eye exams, frames, standard lenses, and contact lenses at Costco Optical.

Is 1-800 Contacts owned by Walmart?

AEA Investors acquired a majority interest in 1-800 Contacts in December 2015. In 2008, 1-800 Contacts entered into a partnership with Walmart to integrate phone and Internet orders for contact lenses with eye-doctor services and operations in Walmart’s stores, The agreement ended in 2013.

Is Eyeconic owned by VSP?

Eyeconic® was founded in 2011 by VSP®, a not-for-profit organization. Our roots in vision care make your overall eye health and wellness a priority. The same level of care goes into every pair of high quality eyewear and contacts we sell.

Is sphere the same as power?

SPH: Sphere – this is the measurement stating how nearsighted or farsighted you are. It measures in diopters, which measures the curve of the lens. Power: Same as sphere. Some prescriptions use power instead of SPH.

How long does it take 1-800 Contacts to deliver?

five to seven business days
Standard free shipping is estimated to take five to seven business days. Expedited, one-day shipping is currently available for $10, but these offers can change. My order came in thoughtfully designed packaging, which included a contact lens case, a pair of sample contacts, and my two boxes of lenses.

How much does VSP cover at Costco?

Costco® Optical allowance of $70 is equivalent to the frame allowance at VSP network doctor locations and participating retail chains.

Who owns 1800contacts?

AEA Investors LP1-800 Contacts / Parent organization

Who owns ContactsDirect?

the Luxottica Group
They’re owned by the Luxottica Group, an international eyewear retailer based in Milan, Italy. They market themselves as the most affordable place to buy contact lenses online. ContactsDirect offers $100 discounts if you choose their “annual supply” option, and they also offer price matching with their competitors.

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