Can YOU stay at Chena hot springs?

Can YOU stay at Chena hot springs?

Guests are welcome to visit Chena Hot Springs Resort for the day to enjoy the hot springs, pools, activities, and restaurant, no overnight stay or reservation is required.

How hot is the water at Chena Hot Springs?

Hot Springs: ​Chena Hot Springs has a source of over 150 degrees. This hot springs winter wonderland boasts two hot spring pools. The outdoor average temperature is 106 degrees F. year around Indoor heated pool average temperature is 90 degrees F.

Is Chena Hot Springs Road paved?

Today, Chena Hot Springs Road is fully paved and well-maintained. The journey from Fairbanks to the trail’s end at Chena Hot Springs Resort is 56.5 miles.

Are pets allowed at Chena Hot Springs?

Chena Hot Springs Resort welcomes two pets of any size for an additional fee of $50 per stay, plus a $200 refundable security deposit. Pets are accepted in the Fox Lodge in Standard Rooms with two Double beds only. Both dogs and cats are allowed, and pets may be left in the room unattended.

Can you see northern lights from Chena Hot Springs?

Chena Hot Springs Resort is world renown for being one of the best places on Earth to see the northern lights. It is located under the most active band of northern lights, it is away from the light pollution of city lights, and the skies over Chena are clear more often than those over Fairbanks, 60 miles away.

How much does it cost to go to Chena Hot Springs?

Current Weather and Forecast – Chena Hot Springs Resort –

Chena Hot Springs Pool Cost of Admission
6 to 17 $12.00
18 to 59 $15.00
60 Plus $13.00
Family Swim Pass 10 Swims

How much does Chena Hot Springs cost?

How long is Chena Hot Springs Road?

56.5 mile
The Chena Hotsprings Road is a 56.5 mile/91 km highway.

What time is check in at Chena Hot Springs?

4 pm
Check-in at 4 pm. Check-out at 11 am.

Is Manley hot springs Open?

Gravel except for the first 28 miles, it is open year-round, but if you are driving it during the winter months, check with the Department of Transportation in Fairbanks, (907) 456-7623 for road conditions. Wind and snow can close the pass over Eureka Dome (2,393 ft. elevation).

Can you see Aurora Borealis in Fairbanks?

Fairbanks is one of the best places to view the northern lights in Alaska due to its location, hours of darkness in the winter, auroral activity, and the amount of tours, activities, and accommodations dedicated to northern lights viewing.

What is Chena Hot Springs Resort in Alaska famous for?

This amazing place was discovered in August 1905 and became famous for curing crippled prospectors of their aches and pains. Fairbanks residents would take the near day trip each way to enjoy the healing waters and soak. Treat your special someone to an all inclusive package at Chena Hot Springs Resort.

Where is the Chena River cabin located?

The Chena River Cabin is located off mile 32.2 Chena Hot Springs Road. Watch for the Colorado/Stiles Creek trailhead on the left (North) side of the road.

Can you bring a kayak to Chena Hot Springs?

Some visitors may want to bring a kayak or inflatable watercraft. The Chena River Cabin is located off mile 32.2 Chena Hot Springs Road. Watch for the Colorado/Stiles Creek trailhead on the left (North) side of the road. The turnoff to the cabin is 0.7 miles past the trailhead, on the RIGHT.

What are the best hot springs in Fairbanks?

“Chena Hot Springs is the best hot springs that i have ever been. Bring lots of water and fill up your fuel tank before you leave Fairbanks.” “If you are going to soak here I would highly recommend staying here since you can soak for free when you have a room.

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