Can you reuse U-bolts on rear end?

Can you reuse U-bolts on rear end?

Cut thread U-bolts are never a good idea to use because the threads tend to strip. Additionally, this means the U-bolts won’t be able to achieve near the torque spec that a rolled thread U-bolt can. The smallest amount of looseness or vibration in your U-bolts will allow for movement between your axle and leaf springs.

Are all U-bolts the same?

What are the types of u bolts? U bolts are commonly classified by bending shape and can be divided into round U bolts, semi-round U bolt, and square U bolt. Each of the three models can be made of corrosion-resistant metals, such as carbon steel, 304 stainless steel, or 316 stainless steel.

Can axle U-bolts be reused?

We get a variety of reactions when we advise our customers that reusing U-bolts is never a good idea. There are some very specific reasons why we stress this point so much, trying to sell you something you don’t need is not one of them. U-bolts are a torque to yield bolt.

How do you measure for U-bolts?

The length (L) is measured from end of bolt to inside of the bend, while the width (C) is measured between the legs. Some companies will show the length to the bottom or centerline of the bend instead of the top of the bend. The width is sometimes detailed as center of one leg to center of the other leg.

What should U-bolts be torqued to?

If the U-bolts are 9/16 inch diameter, the torque specs should be between 65 to 95 foot lbs. If the U-bolts are 3/8 inch diameter, the torque should be between 30 and 50 foot lbs.

What steel are U-bolts made of?

But they’re usually made of durable metal that is noncorrosive. Here are some common materials at the heart of U-bolts: Plain carbon steel. 304 stainless steel.

How much weight can u-bolts hold?

How Much Weight Can An Eye Bolt Hold?

Shank Diameter (in) Weight Capacity (lbs)
7/8 7,200
1 10,000
1-1/4 15,000
1-1/2 22,000

How do you specify AU bolts?

In order to specify a u-bolt for pipes, you must provide the diameter of the pipe, the material, the tangent length, and either the load or thickness of the u-bolt rod.

How tight should U-bolts be on a rear axle?

Tighten all U-Bolts until they are snug only. Tighten in the sequence shown to approximately 1/3 of recommended torque.

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