Can you pay on the bus in Perth?

Can you pay on the bus in Perth?

When travelling with Transperth, you have the option to buy a cash ticket, or a SmartRider card. Both can be used across all services, but please keep in mind that ferry and train fares must be purchased prior to travel, while bus fares can be paid as you board.

Are all buses free in Perth CBD?

You can travel on any bus with the City of Perth for free. FTZ signposts are displayed on the route limits. For travel outside the FTZ, please purchase a ticket from the driver or purchase a SmartRider from Perth Station or from newsagents.

How much does it cost to get from Perth Airport to the city?

The distance from Perth Airport to downtown is 13 kilometers and the travel time from Perth airport to city center is around 20 minutes by taxi and $50 AUD.

Is Perth CAT bus free?

CAT Services Central Area Transit (CAT) buses are free. You may get on and off them as often as you like without paying a fare. Our CAT (Central Area Transit) buses operate in the Perth CBD, Fremantle and Joondalup. We use a colour-coding system in each area are to identify the different routes.

Is there a train from Perth Airport to city?

An underground train line linking Perth’s CBD with the city’s airports is forecast to open in the second half of 2021.

How do I get from T2 to T4 at Perth Airport?

If you need to transfer between T1/T2 and T3/T4, taxi and rideshare services are available on the respective terminal forecourts. The terminal transfer bus is also available and operates every 40 minutes.

Are Perth trains free after midnight?

Fares will be reintroduced on Transperth’s post-midnight trains on Friday and Saturday nights from February 4, for a three-month trial.

How does the Transperth fare system work in Perth?

Usually, one fare lets you travel anywhere within a certain distance of your starting point until the time limit expires, on any combination of bus, train or ferry services. Transperth’s public transport service area is divided into nine zones, which are defined by circles centred on Perth city.

What is a two-zone fare on Transperth?

If you travel over a zone boundary into another zone, you will be charged a two-zone fare. All journeys on the Transperth system are capped at a two-zone fare.

What do I need to know to get around Perth?

What you need to know to get around Perth on our buses, trains and ferries. What sort of ticket do I need? Before you ride you’ll need to know how to pay the right fares. There are ways you can reduce your fares or even travel free. SmartRider cards and cash tickets.

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