Can you be a lazy perfectionist?

According to Urban Dictionary, a lazy perfectionist is someone who wants everything to be perfect and has high standards but doesn’t have the will to do what’s necessary to reach them. If you identify as being lazy or think you might be a lazy perfectionist, this episode is for you.

How can I have a lazy day?

Sweet Saturday: How to have a productive lazy day

  1. Pick up a book. Get a head start on the class novel or re-read one of your favorites.
  2. Stay away from social media. Spending all day scrolling through Instagram isn’t going to help you wind down.
  3. Be creative. Coloring, painting and writing are fun ways to stimulate your mind.
  4. Study in increments.
  5. Change it up.

How do you write a paper when you don’t want to?

6 Tips on How to Write an Essay You Don’t Want to Write

  1. Develop Interest in the Topic of the Essay. To compose a good essay, you should enjoy the writing process.
  2. The Panacea for Writer’s Block: Do Some Free Writing.
  3. Create an Outline for Your Essay.
  4. Start Where Your Passion Lies.
  5. Take Regular Breaks.
  6. Get Rid of Distractions and Reward Yourself for Good Work.
  7. Bottom Line.

How do I stop being unmotivated and lazy?

Why Am I Lazy? 15 Ways to Stop Being Lazy and Unmotivated

  1. Learn to Accept Your Own Laziness.
  2. Understand Your Source of Laziness or Lack of Motivation.
  3. Break Your Personal Cycles.
  4. Set More Reasonable Goals.
  5. Accomplish Something Small.
  6. Use the Pomodoro Technique to Quarantine Your Laziness.
  7. Recognize and Shut Down Your Escape Routes.
  8. Make the Most of Your Laziness.

What animal is most lazy?

Top 10 Laziest Animals

  1. koala. Koalas are known for their laziness and sleeping abilities, spending only two to six hours awake every day.
  2. Sloth. When people think of the word “lazy”, sloths are often one of the first animals to come to mind, and it’s not surprising.
  3. Opossum.
  4. Hippopotamus.
  5. Python.
  6. Echidna.
  7. Giant panda.
  8. Nurse shark.

Is perfectionism a mental disorder?

While not considered a mental illness itself, it is a common factor in many mental disorders, particularly those based on compulsive thoughts and behaviors, like obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and obsessive-compulsive personality disorder (OCPD).

What do you call someone who is lazy?

lazy person. loafer. ne’er-do-well. slacker. sluggard.

How do I stop procrastinating and writing?

Stop procrastinating: 9 ways to write more

  1. Divide your writing into manageable tasks.
  2. Remove distractions or alternatives to writing.
  3. Fill out your story even when you’re not writing.
  4. Be boring, be awful – it’s all in the rewrite.
  5. Make writing a refuge or solace.
  6. Check your direction.
  7. Find your voice and your plot.
  8. Enlist the help of others.

What are the 8 sins?

The original 8 temptations of man were: Gluttony, Fornication, Avarice, Sorrow, Anger, Discouragement, Vainglory and Pride. On this website we have 8 deadly sins representing 8 categories all created with positive connotations deviating from negative implications from the usual meaning of the deadly sins.

What can I say instead of lazy?


  • apathetic.
  • careless.
  • inattentive.
  • lackadaisical.
  • passive.
  • sleepy.
  • tired.
  • weary.