Can we redefine alphanumeric to numeric in COBOL?

Can we redefine alphanumeric to numeric in COBOL?

For instance, you can store a alphanumeric & a numeric data type at the same location using the Redefines in COBOL. Also, you can redefine alphanumeric to numeric using this clause.

Can we move numeric to comp3 in COBOL?

Any numeric variable (USAGE DISPLAY, COMP, COMP-1, COMP-2, COMP-3, COMP-4, or COMP-5) can be moved to a COMP-3 variable with only truncation and overflow issues possible, depending upon the PICTURE clauses involved.

How do you move alphanumeric to signed numeric in COBOL?

RE: Converting alphanumeric field to numeric Try: 01 alpha-field PIC X(4) VALUE “1234”. 01 numeric-field PIC 9(4). MOVE alpha-field(1:4) TO numeric-field(1:4).

How do you show a Comp-3 field in COBOL?

1. In case the COMP-3 Data, that you want to see is the data in a Mainframe File, and you would like to see the contents on TSO/ISPF, you can turn the HEX ON on the Command Line. In the below file, the last 2 Bytes are COMP-3 Data. You read the Hexa-decimal value in a top-down fashion.

Can we redefine 01 level in COBOL?

Level numbers of redefined item and redefining item must be the same and it cannot be 66 or 88 level number. Do not use VALUE clause with a redefining item. In File Section, do not use a redefines clause with 01 level number.

Can we redefine Comp 3 Variable?

Hello Srikar, There is no way to use only redefines and get what you want. . . To get what you want, create a 9(13) field in ws and move EMP-NBR-1 to it. Redefine the 9(13) field with 2 other fields – the first 9(10) and the second 9(3).

Can we move comp3 to comp3?

Re: Move comp-3 to comp-3. So COBOL will align the sending field decimal point and the receiving field decimal point and it will then move data based on that alignment. If the sending field has more digits to the left (or right) of the decimal point than the receiving field, truncation will occur.

Can we move zeros to Comp-3 Variable?

When you move ZERO/ZEROS/ZEROES to a group level which contains elementary COMP-3 fields (in this example) 12-Bytes of Display-Numeric ZERO (X’F0′) is moved to all three fields, which will eventually cause a S0C7 Data Exception. LE has a storage option to initialize memory to LOW-VALUES.

How do I change from alphanumeric to numeric in COBOL?

NUMVAL converts the text representation of a number into a numeric type. Use the numeric data type: PIC 9(5)V9(2) in your calculations. Then use MOVE to convert the numeric result into a displayable amount with explicit decimal point.

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