Can I use the healow app on my computer?

Can I use the healow app on my computer?

Connect to your doctor via healow TeleVisits Get a safe and secure way to connect to your doctor remotely, via video and audio connection either on your smartphone or your computer.

How do I install healow app?

Get the Healow App Today

  1. Download the Healow app from the Apple or Google App store using the links below.
  2. Enter our practice code HJBIBA.
  3. Enter your portal username and password to log on (or if you do not have a portal account- ask our staff about signing up)
  4. Create a PIN to securely access your records.

How do I log into healow app?

To log in to the healow app: 1. For first time login, use the Username and Password fields to enter Patient Portal credentials. 2. Tap Login.

How do you get healow to work?

Log into Healow App. Click on Appointments at the top of the menu wheel. Next, click on the appointment that indicates Televisit Page 2 Finally click on Start Televisit at the bottom of the next screen.

How do I find my healow username and password?

How do I retrieve my username on the healow app?

  2. Select I have forgotten my username. Tap Next.
  3. Enter your First Name, Last Name and Date of Birth. Tap Next.
  4. An email has been sent to your registered email with your username.

Who is eCW health portal?

The eClinicalWorks (eCW) Patient Portal provides online access to patient information, which may include problem list, allergies, medications, lab and radiology results, and other clinical documents. By using eClinicalWorks Patient Portal this information can be accessed at your convenience.

How do I contact healow?

If you are a patient and are in need of assistance with the eClinicalWorks Patient Portal or healow app, please email [email protected] or complete this form.

Why can’t I get into my healow account?

If you are having trouble logging in to the healow app due to a password or username related issue, the Easy Login feature will help get you gain access. For additional assistance, please feel free to contact us.

How do you make a healow Patient Portal?

From the email, note your username (circled in orange) and click on the ‘Set-up Portal Account’ button (circled in blue). If prompted, complete the phone verification screen. Enter the verification code you received in the box. Then click on the ‘Verify’ button.

How do I upload documents to healow?

To add a journal entry:

  1. From the healow wheel, tap Journal.
  2. Tap the Tap to post a journal entry.
  3. Type in the box to enter text for this entry.
  4. Tap the camera icon to upload a picture with your entry.
  5. Tap Post.

What do I need for a TeleVisit?

The first step is to call and schedule it with your provider 2. Click “Join TeleVisit” in your patient dashboard (or email reminder). 3. Fill out any patient questionnaire, and provide requested personal information.

How do I reset my healow password?

To reset your password

  1. Click the Can’t access your account link.
  2. Click Forgot Password.
  3. Enter your First Name, Last Name, and Date of Birth.
  4. Once this information has been submitted, you will receive an e-mail with the password reset link.
  5. Click the password reset link from your e-mail.

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