Can I use a coolant refractometer for Def?

Can I use a coolant refractometer for Def?

you can use it for testing urea concentration in automobile diesel exhaust fluid (DEF). you can also use it for testing windshield washer fluid based on ethanol or isopropyl alcohol.

How do you check the concentration of ethylene glycol?

A handheld refractometer is easy to use. Just add a few drops of sample on the prism, hold up to a light source, and read the concentration on the scale inside the meter. A hydrometer is a tool used to measure specific gravity.

How do you test glycol coolant?

Propylene glycol coolants may be tested with a paper test strip. The test strips are dipped into the coolant and then the color of the strip is matched to the chart to determine the condition. This method measures the pH of the liquid, an indication of the acidity level.

What should DEF read on refractometer?

The refractometer features a graduated scale of 15% to 40% in 0.5% increments. As light passes through the prism, a shadow appears on the scale. The concentration of DEF is established by the bottom edge of the shadow touching the scale. The bottom edge of the shadow must read 32.5% concentration.

Is there an antifreeze for DEF?

Do not add antifreeze to DEF. It is not recommended to add any sort of additive to DEF to prevent freezing, as this will prevent the fluid from performing as designed. The use of contaminated or non-manufacturer approved DEF may result in costly after-treatment system repairs.

How do you check coolant for exhaust gas?

Squeeze and release the squeeze bulb on the suction tube repeatedly to draw air from the coolant system through the fluid in the suction tube. The fluid in the tube is normally blue, but if exhaust gases are present in the coolant, the fluid will change color from blue to yellow.

How accurate are antifreeze testers?

Results were consistently around four degrees high, regardless of the concentration. It’s not cheap or completely accurate, but choices are limited if your car uses propylene glycol antifreeze.

How do you know if its propylene or ethylene glycol?

The number one difference between the two glycols is that ethylene glycol is toxic and propylene glycol is not, allowing propylene glycol to be purchased as food grade in addition to the technical or industrial grade. The two glycols also have differences in their physical properties.

How do you test for ethylene glycol or propylene glycol?

How to Test Ethylene & Propylene Glycol

  1. Use CoolTrak coolant test strips ( to test a sample of ethylene or propylene glycol based coolants. Dip the strip in the test substance to indicate the boiling point, freezing point and PH.
  2. Increase accuracy by using a refractometer.

How do you know if it’s propylene or ethylene glycol?

What is the best pH level to test engine coolant?

It gives results for pH levels of 6, 7, 7.5, 8 and then jumps all the way up to 11. The range between 8 & 11 is the most critical, as this is where the pH level should be on most engines. I used the strips to test the coolant on my RV’s auxiliary generator.

What are coolant test strips used for?

Product description. Cool-Trak coolant test strips is a easy and reliable way to test engine coolant effectiveness. With one simple dip, you can determine an engine’s protection against freeze-up, boil-over and acid buildup with a highly effective pH test.

What part number is the OTC diesel exhaust fluid refractometer?

OTC Diesel Exhaust Fluid Refractometer OTC Diesel Exhaust Fluid Refractometer 79 99 Part#OTC5025 SKU#471112 Free In-Store or Curbside Pick Up SELECT STORE Home Delivery Standard Delivery Est. DeliverySep. 17 ADD TO CART Robinair Coolant and Battery Refractometer Robinair Coolant and Battery Refractometer 69

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