Can I buy The BMJ?

Can I buy The BMJ?

Currently The BMJ offers subscriptions on a personal user, single institution, and consortia institutional basis. You can subscribe to both print and online, or online only. To take out a personal subscription today, follow this link.

Do you have to pay for The BMJ?

The new app from The BMJ works on both mobile and tablet, and is free to use for BMA members and individual subscribers to The BMJ. Option to subscribe within the app if you don’t want a full subscription to

Is publishing in BMJ free?

BMJ Open aims to promote transparency in the publication process by publishing reviewer reports and previous versions of manuscripts as pre-publication histories. Authors are asked to pay article-publishing charges on acceptance; the ability to pay does not influence editorial decisions.

How do I access BMJ Online?

Access The BMJ When you reach a closed area of, click on the ‘Login for BMA Members’ link (see image). Then log in using your BMA username and password. Tick the remember me option to get immediate access to the full contents of on subsequent visits.

How do I log into BMJ?

Enter your BMJ Journals username. Enter the password that accompanies your username….Primary tabs

  1. Create new account.
  2. Log in.
  3. Regain Access.
  4. Request new password.

How can I learn BMJ for free?

Free access for BMA members BMJ Learning features hundreds of accredited, peer-reviewed learning sessions in text, video, and audio formats. BMA members can access BMJ learning for free by registering with any valid email address (this is different from your BMA login).

How do I get a BMJ certificate?

How do I get a certificate? To save or print a certificate, find the relevant module in your portfolio. Clicking the link icon for that module (towards the right of the screen) will take you to the module in BMJ Learning, where you can print or save a copy of the certificate.

How much does it cost to publish in BMJ Open?

1,800 GBP
BMJ Open Science is an open access journal and levies an Article Publishing Charge (APC) of 1,800 GBP (+ any applicable VAT). There are no submission, colour or page charges.

Is BMJ Open same as BMJ?

BMJ Open is a peer-reviewed open access medical journal that is dedicated to publishing medical research from all disciplines and therapeutic areas….BMJ Open.

Publication details
Open access Yes
License CC-BY or CC-BY-NC
Impact factor 2.692 (2020)

How old is The BMJ?

The BMJ is one of the world’s oldest general medical journals. It published its first weekly edition on 3 October 1840 as the Provincial Medical and Surgical Journal before uniting with the London Journal of Medicine and publishing from January 1853 as the Associated Medical Journal.

How is The BMJ funded?

BMJ (the company) receives revenues from drug and device manufacturers in the form of advertising, reprint sales, and sponsorship.

How much does it cost to publish in the BMJ?

The BMJ, our flagship journal, charges an APC of £3,500 (exclusive of VAT for UK and EU authors) on acceptance of your research paper. Visit The BMJ‘ s open access page for more information.

What is BMJ journals?

BMJ Journals is a collection of more than 70 medical and allied science titles. They are published by BMJ, the global healthcare knowledge provider and pioneer in the development of open access. We support health professionals and researchers everywhere. Our journal collection includes some of the most influential titles in their field.

What journals are included in BMJ premier collection?

BMJ Premier Collection includes: Journal title Specialty category ADC: Education & Practice Paediatrics ADC: Fetal & Neonatal Paediatrics Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases Rheumatology Archives of Disease in Childhood Paediatrics

What is BMJ discover?

Discover world-leading medical and allied health research, reviews, news and multimedia content from BMJ’s specialty journals. BMJ Journals include a variety of key titles, across a range of specialties, including clinical, evidence-based and public health journals.

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