Can electric fireplaces be fixed?

Can electric fireplaces be fixed?

Branded electric fireplaces, like the ones that we carry at Stylish Fireplaces, can certainly be repaired outside of warranty. It’s one of our criteria for carrying a product line. All of the better brands provide parts so that the fireplaces may be repaired long after the warranty expires.

How do I contact heat surge?

Consumers may call Customer Service at 1-866-282-6587, Mon-Fri 9AM to 5PM EST if needing assistance with a merchandise order.

Why does my Amish heater keep shutting off?

A buildup of dirt or dust can cause the heating elements to overheat, and in turn cause the fireplace to turn off. To check if your electric fireplace has excess dust, turn off your fireplace at the wall and unplug it from the socket. Allow the fireplace to cool down before attempting to check for dust or dirt.

How do you fix a electric fireplace that won’t turn on?

If your electric fireplace won’t turn on:

  1. Ensure that the fireplace is plugged directly into a wall socket, and that the power switch is turned on.
  2. Ensure that the main power switch on the electric fireplace is turned on.
  3. Ensure that the fireplace is plugged in and turned on at the wall.

How much does it cost to repair an electric fireplace?

The national cost average to repair a fireplace is between $200 and $1,000. Most homeowners pay around $600 to repoint a damaged section of a brick fireplace….Cost to Repair a Fireplace by Source.

Type Average Costs (Labor Included)
Electric $150 – $900
Gas $200 – $1,000
Wood $200 – $1,200

Why are they called Amish heaters?

“These heaters are being called a miracle because they have what’s being called the ‘Fireless Flame’ patented technology that gives you the peaceful flicker of a real fire but without any flames, fumes, smells, ashes or mess. The patented ‘Fireless Flame’ looks so real it amazes everybody,” Baker said.

Why does my electric fireplace shut off after a few minutes?

Overheating – electric fireplaces automatically turn off if they start to overheat. This prevents the unit from causing any damage to your home or the fireplace. Sometimes, you’ll need to reset the heater after it has overheated, so you’ll need to check the manual to get further instructions.

Why would an electric fireplace stopped working?

When a wire comes loose or the motor stops functioning, the flame will freeze. Check the wiring to make sure that all connections have good contact. Look for exposed and frayed wires. If everything looks good, it’s probably time to replace your flame motor.

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