Can a Rorqual be used in high sec?

Can a Rorqual be used in high sec?

FACT: They are handy capped here in high sec to no gate use.

Can You Fly carriers in high sec?

You could fly your Carrier, Dreadnought, or even a Titan through High-Sec every day of the year and not have to worry about losing it to other players (outside of war-dec), with no mission site in High-Sec being dangerous enough to threaten their destruction.

Can you use a Rorqual in low sec?

Low Sec Space Moon mining is extremely profitable right now. Rorquals such as this one will try to take advantage of that, but they make juicy targets, too. Apparently some people like to use suitcase Rorquals.

What is a Rorqual for Eve?

The Rorqual was conceived and designed by Outer Ring Excavations in response to a growing need for capital industry platforms with the ability to support and sustain large-scale mining operations in uninhabited areas of space.

Can you dock a Rorqual?

Rorquals can dock at any NPC station, any Outpost in Null, and can dock in a Keepstar, a Fortizar, a Tatara, or a Sotiyo.

How far can a Rorqual jump?


Ship class Ship type Range (ly)
Max Skills
Jump Freighter Rhea 10
Black Ops Battleship 8
Capital Industrial Ship Rorqual 10

Can a Rorqual use Jump Gates?

Capital Industrial Ship: The Rorqual The Rorqual can fit capital tractor beams and clone vat bays. In addition, the Rorqual has a jump drive and the ability to compress ore.

Can you build capital ships in high sec?

Capital ships cannot enter high-sec regions regardless of the means, nor can they dock at capsuleer outposts, or be transported using the delivery service. The maximum insurance coverage for capital ships is 20% of the estimated value (70% for regular ships.)

Can Rorqual jump to industrial Cyno?

May as well just reverse the cyno changes at that point entirely. The new defense/dropper meta would become: battle Rorquals dropped by brick-tanked T1 haulers.

Can a Rorqual dock in a Astrahus?

C C P Alliance At the moment Rorquals can dock in Astrahus medium citadels, which is a bug. They actually even use the frigate undock port. The intended design is that Rorquals should have the same docking access as normal sized capital ships like the carrier, dread and force aux classes.

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