Are the oh hellos Christian music?

Are the oh hellos Christian music?

The music The Oh Hello’s creates is not simply music to listen to, it is music to understand. And while the duo’s Christian faith serves as a cornerstone in their lives and music, they don’t want it to restrict them.

What type of music is the oh hellos?

FolkThe Oh Hellos / Genre

Are the oh hellos Irish?

Rooted in Irish Folk tunes, the band takes their listeners on a lyrical journey with a boisterous soundtrack as its backdrop.

Are the oh hellos still making music?

To celebrate, we’ve recorded a new version of “Hello My Old Heart” – out now – and are releasing The Oh Hellos EP (Ten Year Anniversary) as a Limited Special Edition Vinyl. Available for Pre-Order today.

What genre is hozier?


What instruments do the oh hellos use?

The Texas-native sibling duo was accompanied by a large band that played a variety of instruments including drums, accordion, banjo and violin. The band members contributed to the concert’s high-energy feel with elaborate jumps and head-banging, giving off the impression they were having the time of their lives.

Are the oh hellos Scottish?

The Oh Hellos are an American indie folk rock duo formed in 2011 in San Marcos, Texas, United States, consisting of siblings Tyler and Maggie Heath.

Who should I listen to if I like Hozier?

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Where is Dermot Kennedy from?

Dublin, IrelandDermot Kennedy / Place of birth

Dermot Kennedy grew up in Rathcoole, County Dublin, Ireland. An avid soccer fan and player, Kennedy started playing guitar at age 10, and songwriting at age 14; however, he states that he did not begin to take music “seriously” until the age of 17.

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