Are SV1000S reliable?

Are SV1000S reliable?

Reliability & build quality Build quality seems to be a Suzuki problem lately and the SV1000 is no exception. Suzuki SV1000 owners report annoying problems, mainly corrosion and poor finish. Reliability problems are rarer with the SV1000, especially as owners tend to look after their bikes.

Is the SV1000 comfortable?

THe SV1000 is a fantastic bike by the way, just not the most comfortable.

Is the SV1000 fast?

Suzuki SV1000S top speed is 152 mph With the above in mind the SV1000 will hit a real 152 mph with around 170 mph showing on the very optimistic speedometer. Like the TL1000S, the SV1000’s top speed can be achieved in fifth or sixth gear.

How much horsepower does a 2003 Suzuki SV1000 have?

SUZUKI SV1000 2002 – 2003 A truly stunning sport machine, this 116 hp v-twin is a natural born canyon carver, but its revised ergonomics also make a great uber-commuter of it. Compact and proudly showing off its truss-style aluminium frame and v-twin engine, the 2003 MY SV1000 screams its sporty nature.

Does Suzuki still make the SV1000?

The original SV1000 design (K3) has gone through two updates since its original release: The K4 model – Includes a lowering of the rear-end (as per the 2003 unfaired version), the forks on the 03-04 were replaced with cheaper non-rebuildable cartridge forks….Suzuki SV1000.

Manufacturer Suzuki Motor Corporation
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How fast is Suzuki sv650?

Top Speed: 124 mph (Est.)

What does the SV mean in Suzuki SV650?

The “SV” designation in the SV650 stands for many things: Sporty V-Twin, Superior Value, Simple and Versatile. Yet, it quite simply is a concept that you actually experience rather than try to define.

How many miles do SV650 last?

85,000 miles
The SV650 can last over 85,000 miles before requiring an engine rebuild. Its class-leading, liquid-cooled 649cc V-twin engine is more than capable of moving its lightweight frame without incurring excessive wear and tear.

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