Are Renault Dusters reliable?

Are Renault Dusters reliable?

The Duster’s reliability record is a little mixed, according to our most recent reliability surveys, with plenty of irritating but small faults mentioned. It finished mid-table in its SUV class. Dacia as a brand finished in a reasonable 13th place out of 32 manufacturers in our most recent survey.

Is Renault Duster a flop?

Renault Duster Sales have plunged, and the Duster is currently doing about 1,000 units a month, which is a far cry from the 3,000+ units that it used to sell consistently. Increasing competition is the main reason for the fall in this compact SUV’s sales, and Renault has a facelift in store.

Is Duster second hand worth buying?

The pre-owned Renault Duster offers quite an impressive value. You can get a decent one for around Rs. 4.5 lakh to Rs. 7 lakh.

Is the Renault Duster cheap to maintain?

However, while the petrol variant isn’t as economical, it will be very cheap to maintain, with fewer things to go wrong.

Is Renault successful in India?

For the record, Renault is the highest-selling European brand in India, today. The past decade has been one of creating new categories and offering technologies with game-changing models.

Why is Duster discontinued in India?

Why did Renault Discontinued the Duster From India So the reason is simple. The Renault Duster discontinued due to its age, and the compact SUV is up for an update. This update is required to stay in the market.

Why was Duster discontinued in India?

The recent dip in sales could be the reason why Renault have decided to discontinue the SUV in India. The decline in the sales of the Duster was foreseen. As the competition pulled ahead by providing newer styling and the latest features, the Duster started to show its age.

Is Duster Turbo a good car?

So the idea was to give a petrol engine that has more torque than the outgoing diesel and the highest power output in its class. It indeed works and buyers of the diesel will not miss it anymore as the Duster turbo does a very good job. Where it lags behind is the fuel economy.

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