Are old $20 notes still valid?

Are old $20 notes still valid?

Using Previous Issues of Polymer Banknotes New $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100 banknotes are now in circulation. All existing polymer banknotes can continue to be used as both versions of the $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100 banknotes will be in circulation for a number of years.

Can you use old Australian notes?

All existing Australian banknotes are legal tender. During the transition period, banknotes from both series can continue to be used and will be in circulation for a number of years.

Why is Mary Reibey on the $20?

The banknote celebrates Mary Reibey, a convict who arrived in Australia and later became an astute and successful businesswoman running her shipping and trading enterprises, and John Flynn, who pioneered the world’s first aerial medical service now known as the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

Who is the person on the 20 dollar note Australian?

The $20 note features philanthropist Mary Reibey, and aerial medical service pioneer, the Reverend John Flynn. Mary Reibey (1777–1855) actually arrived in Australia in 1792 as a convict, but this tenacious achiever then went on to become a successful shipping magnate and philanthropist.

What is a $20 Australian note worth?

Australians carrying around unique $20 bank notes could be unknowingly sitting on a small fortune worth thousands of dollars. Joel Kandiah, from Perth, has revealed how some $20 notes with special markings can be cashed in for $1750 to $4750.

What color is Australian $20 note?

Colouration is said to be either red or orange but has been debated many times over the years. Official documentation states that the colour of the twenty dollar note is predominantly red. This polymer note is colloquially known as a “lobster”, due to its red colour.

How much is an old $20 note worth?

Already old versions of the $20 note are selling online for as much as $50, meaning thousands of Australians could have a note in their pocket worth more than its face value. Currency expert and collector Peter Bestenbreur told followers of his.

Are old Australian notes worth anything?

Surprisingly, old Australian paper banknotes can be quite valuable. Online banknote and coin specialist site, The Right Note, are selling notes ranging between $1500 and $15,000.

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