Are Natalya and TJ still together?

Are Natalya and TJ still together?

Yes, Natalya Neidhart has been married to TJ Wilson (famous as Tyson Kidd) since June 26, 2013.

What surgery did Natalya?

ankle injury
By Lyle Kilbane. Published 31st July 2021. WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Natalya has shared a new update after undergoing surgery for an ankle injury she suffered in the ring on Raw. The third-generation star limped out of a match that saw the champions taking on Eva Marie and Doudrop.

Is Beth Phoenix Natalya?

Beth Phoenix and Natalya, also known as The Divas of Doom, is a professional wrestling tag team in WWE on the Raw brand….

The Divas of Doom
Combined billed weight 285 lb (129 kg) Natalya (135 lb) Beth Phoenix (150 lb)
Former member(s) Kaitlyn
Debut August 12, 2011
Years active 2011–2012 2019

How old is Natalya?

39 years (May 27, 1982)Natalya Neidhart / Age

Who is the father of Natalya WWE?

Jim NeidhartNatalya Neidhart / Father

Is Natalya injured?

Taking to Twitter, Natalya responded to a fan who asked if she was injured during the Royal Rumble or not. The former WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion revealed that she did end up with a swollen forehead, courtesy of the physicality of the match. “I actually did get banged up.

Did Carmella plastic surgery?

Carmella, who is in a relationship with Corey Graves, confirmed she also had work done on her breasts but was surprised that people thought there was something done to her face. “Well, that’s true, I’ve had breast implants. My favourite part is when people say I had it done to my face which is completely false.

Who is Natalya’s bestfriend?

Nattie and Phoenix have always been close since Phoenix contacted Natalya and asked her for help when she was still training to be a WWE star. In the years since her retirement, Phoenix has returned a number of times to work with Nattie because the former Women’s Champion is her best friend.

Are Edge and Beth Phoenix still married?

Elizabeth Copeland (née Kociański; born November 24, 1980), known professionally as Beth Phoenix, is an American professional wrestler and color commentator….

Beth Phoenix
Born Elizabeth Kociański November 24, 1980 Elmira, New York, U.S.
Spouse(s) Joey Knight ​ ​ ( m. 2001; div. 2010)​ Edge ​ ( m. 2016)​
Children 2

How old is Shayna Baszler?

41 years (August 8, 1980)Shayna Baszler / Age

Who is Natalya dad?

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