Are Grundfos Pumps any good?

Are Grundfos Pumps any good?

4.0 out of 5 stars Unique features, high price, short life. Grundfos makes a unique product line with their MQ series. These pumps work well and perform tasks that you can’t easily do with other pumps. The down side is that their quality is spotty and you can’t easily buy repair parts.

What is P1 and P2 in Grundfos?

P1 is the total induced power to the pump system. P2 is the power coming from the motor (shaft effect). P2 is the nominal power of the motor.

Are Grundfos pumps Made in China?

22 — Danish pump behemoth Grundfos Holding will spend USD100 million building a new high-end manufacturing plant in eastern China to speed up the supply of products to local customers.

Who makes Grundfos?

Grundfos remains a privately owned company, controlled by the Poul Due Jensen Foundation established by the founding family in 1975. The Jensen family itself directly controls a 12 percent stake in the company, which is led by President and CEO Jens Jorgen Madsen.

What are the numbers on a Grundfos pump?

Answer: The model numbers (or material numbers) as Grundfos refers to represent the inlet/outlet diameter and the head ability in metric. For example, the Magna 3 65-120 has a 50mm (1.96″) diameter and the head is 120 meters (36′ TDH).

What does P1 W mean?

Definition. P1W. Postnatal One Week. Copyright 1988-2018, All rights reserved.

Are Davey pool pumps made in Australia?

Given that they are manufactured in Australia for an Australian audience, those products are built to last. Davey pumps can withstand the weather conditions of the climate, even when they are designed with outside usage in mind. That durability ensures great value for all owners.

Are Onga pumps made in Australia?

They are truly a brand for the Australian and New Zealand market, with their manufacturing plant based in Dandenong South, Melbourne and a distribution and dealer network covering both countries.

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