Are cornice boxes in style?

Are cornice boxes in style?

Cornices, whether made of wood cornice boards and stained to perfection or covered in a lovely fabric will always be in style for modern windows. They give your rooms a finished appearance and also add a bit of classic grandeur to your projects.

How do you make a fabric cornice box?


  1. Cut a piece of batting larger than the cornice board by 2-3″ on each edge.
  2. Make a slit in the batting at the corners between the scallops (don’t cut all the way to the corner.)
  3. Fold batting over and staple to the back of cornice board.
  4. Fold and staple batting along the top edge.

How deep should a cornice box be?

Your cornice should be an inch or two longer than the curtain rod, including the finials, to make it easy to install. It should also be deep enough to clear the finials and the rings by 1 inch.

Are upholstered cornices out of style?

It is very safe to say that cornices are still in style, so don’t hesitate, pick a cornice that integrates your whole space cohesively and set up by your window space. The year 2020 presents an array of options with cornices right from the classic wooden cornices, right up to the upholstered options as well.

How much fabric do I need for a cornice board?

For example, if the required fabric cut width is 70 inches and your fabric is 54 inches wide, you need two widths of fabric to cover the cornice. Typically, one width of fabric is positioned in the center of the cornice and the required additional fabric added to the sides.

How high should cornices be?

A general rule of thumb used to determine the cornice height is to measure the width of the window casing and add 6 inches.

What should the height of a cornice board be?

Cornice boards are usually mounted 4 inches above the top of the window frame or window treatment. The height of the cornice is generally 1/5 the total height measurement of the window or the current treatment.

How do you measure fabric for a cornice board?

Determine liner fabric height by measuring and adding twice the cornice height plus twice the cornice depth, plus 4 inches. The liner width is the cornice width, plus four times the cornice height plus 4 inches.

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