Are cardinal tetras bottom dwellers?

Are cardinal tetras bottom dwellers?

The cardinal tetra is a docile, social schooling fish that’s most active during the day. Cardinal tetras are fast swimmers and spend most of their time in the middle and top of the tank.

How many cardinal tetras should live together?

It’s best to keep Cardinal Tetras in groups of at least six. A larger school will help the fish feel confident and help keep it healthy. Throughout the day, the fish will explore the tank and swim together.

What can cardinal tetras live with?

The ideal tank mates for cardinals, as well as neons, are other small tetras such as Corydoras, dwarf cichlids, dwarf gouramies, and Otocinclus. Once settled in, cardinals are hardy and beautiful community fish that can live up to 8 years, growing close to 2 inches in total length.

Where do cardinal tetras swim in the tank?

You can also lay down some tree leaves to add some color and a natural feel to the tank. One point to consider, though, is maintaining an open swimming space. Cardinal Tetras love to swim unhindered in the middle and upper water layers.

How many babies do cardinal tetras have?

They will spawn in the evening, generally laying between 130 and 500 eggs. Spawning will continue even late into the night hours. In approximately 24 hours, the eggs will hatch and live off of the yolk sac for another four to five days.

How long does it take cardinal tetras to reach full size?

As for cardinals reaching full size, I got mine about 6-8 months ago, not exactly sure. At that time they were quite small and still aren’t full grown. Based on that limited experience with cardinals, I would guess at least 1 year to grow to full potential size.

Is it hard to breed Cardinal Tetra?

Breeding cardinal tetras is challenging at best. A separate breeding tank is important, and it must have stable water chemistry: a pH of 5.0 to 6.0, and very soft water of 3 to 5 dGH or below is essential. They will spawn in the evening, generally laying between 130 and 500 eggs.

How can you tell if a cardinal tetra is pregnant?

Check Their Belly If the female neon tetra is ready to lay eggs, her belly will appear swollen. It will look more enlarged than normal. This is the biggest clue that she is ready to lay eggs.

Are cardinal tetras hard to keep?

It is also a quiet and peaceful aquarium fish that is easy to socialize with other species. His demands on water are usually associated with typical us water parameters. It’s not hard to keep the Cardinal tetra.

Can I mix neon and cardinal tetras?

It’s recommended to keep neon tetras in slow-running water to mimic their natural environment. Cardinal tetras are very similar to neon tetras in their care, and they can be kept together in an aquarium. They often even school together!

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